Chapter 1 Part 4/4

Part 4

James arrived work on monday in a crisp suit, refreshed after a weekend spent with his family and ready for the weekly board meeting. Every Monday morning first reader’s pick out their favorites from the slush pile of manuscripts submitted the week before. This group of fresh faced bookworms helped him discover talented writers of this generation. They were a colorful bunch, that bonded over beautiful prose which transported its readers to a different world and poems that carved rivers in the hardest of hearts. James chose them based on individuality and reading range. He had decided since the first memory of a book being placed in his hands that rigidity inhibits creativity and wonder. He sought out new genres and encouraged his staff to do so, to go out of their comfort zones and be led on an experience that could change their lives and keep changing until one day find themselves as new beings. When his company first began he would seek out poetry clubs and coffee houses that hosted spoken word listen to the voices of the people who would be the future of the industry. His business card would be slipped into the hands of the poets and authors he shook hands with encouraging them to send in their favorite pieces. He would comb through piles of entries with his assistant, an intern from the community college a block away, who became his VP. The memories filled him with pride and joy. It was worth the sweat and sleepless nights to see his family comfortable and safe, no longer worrying about the next meal and the winter cold. Remembering the events of the weekend made James smile, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that his kid siblings were growing up. It seemed like yesterday Violet and Olive were newborn babies with set of lungs that never tired of screaming through the night, now they were a fiery 15 year old duo on a mission to drive their mother up the wall and succeeding with flying colors. Noah was always the silent one, but since his growth spurt and the looks he inherited from their father he was growing into a different sort of silent altogether, the one that exuded charisma and attracted girls like moths to a flame. They were ten different people who shared a love that knew no bounds, a mother that gave them the strength to pave their own paths and a friendship that was honest and full of joy. The house was different with the youngest six dominating the space: Charlie, Charlotte, Oliver, Noah and the twins Violet and Olive and the eldest four living on their own: James, Oscar, Bella and Lily.