Birthday musings

My name is lujain and I just turned 26.
I realize it’s just a moment in time, a fleeting memory for when I’m old and wrinkly. But today it feels immensely significant.
It feels like the whole world is encompassed in the cavity of my body where my soul resides.
Like all the possibilities are magnified and tangible.
I can taste the morning on my tongue, sweet and chaotic
I can taste the tears and laughter of my future bubbling in my throat
I can feel worry and hope stretching in my heart
I am a moment and all moments of my life.
I want to love them, to live them, to see them with fresh eyes
I want to be patient and kind
I want my daughters to be proud of me
I want to be cheered on with gusto and sincerity.
I need to be … Me
Happy birthday, soul, it’s a new day tomorrow.