A New Beginning

My love for words and how they flow, captured my senses with the first book my mother read to me and the lullabies she sang as I drifted off to the magical world of my dreams. I found myself between the shelves of bookstores and libraries and in the poems written by the greatest and the the obscure. Writing saved me, it was the constant in my life. It soothed my hurts and bandaged my wounds. It was my solace. I have kept this part of myself in the safety of my heart for so long that it wants to spread its wings and fly. I do not know the outcome and fear the unknown, but for the sake of growing and becoming a stronger person I shall set it free.

Lately I’ve been itching to write, no longer about myself but creating wonder so moving you could taste the sensations and emotions going through the lines. until these are no longer words you see but pieces of the puzzle that is the story .

I’ll be posting 3-4 pages every week, Monday at 10 pm.

I hope this journey takes us to a world where dreams come true and happy endings are real.

Best Regards,

L. A.